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A musician for over 50 years, Scott sees a direct parallel in the Visual Arts. Except for a few years of art class, he is largely self taught but with a keen eye, brings the abstract into form (or form into abstract). Always scanning around him with childlike curiosity to create a unique and often whimsical view of the world.

He's not so much interested in making a "statement"- No soapbox or agenda. Just the pleasure of design and composition.  More interested in making "Art" than merely taking a photograph.  Searching for angles,light, color and contrast while striving for a Zen like balance.  One foot rooted in the everyday, and the other in the abstract world to achieve a unique view of a common thing by reducing it to its essence.

This is "Quiet Music"for the eyes, or as he calls it-PhotoArtography. 

Scott currently lives in Silverton ,Oh. with wife and dog and plays guitar in tickledpink electric trio.