Walking the dogs one day I noticed tar that's used to fill cracks in the road. In the back of my mind, it reminded me of some jazz album covers from the 50's and 60's. Probably inspired by the likes of Joan Miro and Alexander Calder. The lines and drips were appealing to me. For some reason,these designs were only found in my neighborhood. When I ventured further from home, the patterns weren't the same, or at least anything I found to be usable or "attractive". Here, composition has to be King. Really, the drips were a deciding factor, although not an iron clad rule.

These are just "straight" photos slightly modified with added color that's somehow inherent in the photo itself. They are color photographs of a "Black and White” image taken primarily with an iPhone. Moving up to a DSLR was not necessarily an improvement.

Hundreds of photographs were taken over months at different times of day. People would ask me with a confounded look (as I'm slowly walking down the middle of the street like a Heron stalking a fish)  what I was up to.  Well…. It's hard to explain. It's "Art".

You thought you knew Street Photography? Well THIS is the Actual Street!  Welcome to ROADWORK.